The Institute was set up as a legal entity in Spring 2018, later becoming a registered charity. The board for the Institute, also acting as its trustees, will be made up of members nominated by partner organisations, plus representation from industry and affiliated organisations.

There are several layers of governance which control the finances and decision making at the Institute.

The Board of Directors – the board are the trustees for the charity, with legal responsibilities to ensure the safe and effective management of the Institute.

Member representatives – this group represent the interests of the member organisations, and their role is to ensure that the institute is delivering strong partnerships with its members.

The Value for Money Panel – this panel consider all major funding decisions, and assess their viability and value for money. Only proposals with the support of the Executive Team and relevant Theme Advisory Panels will be submitted to the Value for Money panel.

The Executive Team – the executive is made up of the senior leadership team for the Institute, plus the theme leaders. They consider developments across the themes and form part of the decision making in advancing proposals to the Value for Money Panel.

Theme Advisory Panels – each theme has a panel of international experts from across academia and industry who contribute to the development and review of the road-maps and technology proposals for each theme.

Board of Directors

Dr Vivienne Cox


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Dr Vivienne Cox


Dr Vivienne Cox was appointed as Chair of the Rosalind Franklin Institute in 2018. A chemistry graduate with a passion for people and collaborative, interdisciplinary, ways of working, she will lead the development of the RFI Board – getting the right […]